I'm back.

Yes. I'm back in Sweden, and I'm back at Blogg.se.
I will give this another try, and write a little more often then I did when i was just home for 4 months.
I'm thinking of trying to do the most part in english now instead, because I've met so many lovely people when I've been traveling. So maybe they can understand something here also.
We will see if I will keep it up though...

I'm back in this boring country, and I can't wait until I'm out in the world again!
Today I'm home from work, because I'm sick. But the other days, I'm just going to work at Willys, to get my vacationdays for next year, and save up money!

Right now, when I'm home, I'm trying to fix a lot of stuff in my apartment. So I won't get crazy...
But I still have a lot of things to do, so it's okey. All the small things that takes a lot of time. I'm trying to sort all my shit out. And THAT takes time. But it has it's moments. I'm finding a lot of fun stuff also when I'm doing it. A lot of memories.
I'm the person that tries to save a lot of stuff that reminds me of good times. And sometimes it's fun to just look at it. The old days...God I'm getting old...Haha.

This is me, when I was in 9th grade. So I was like 14/15 years old.


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