For real now?

I'm I seriously going to do this for real this time? I need to!
I need and want to exercise more, and eat healthier. But I never have any time to go to the gym, and the food...Don't even get me started on that...
And I blame it all on my work! I spend all my time there. At least most of it...It sucks, and I have no energy left when I get home. And it's always late also...
And we always put out unhealthy things in the lunch room, which always makes it hard to resist...

Tomorrow my new life begins, and I'm going to try and really be serious once again!

Good night...

13 November 2011

Yesterday I had a killer shift at work. But I made it, and I even had some fun before and after it.
When I was in Alanya this summer, I met a girl named Emelie. And we realized that we live in the same area. So we became friends on Facebook, and have talked quite much since then. And when we talked on friday night, she told me that she was going to work in my little shit town over the night. That means that she quit early in the morning, and i was going to work early in the morning. I had the luck to have company on the train on my way to work.

She is a real sweet girl, and we have a LOT of things to talk about. Mostely about Alanya of course. Haha.
But not everyone understand the things that happens down there. So it's real fun to talk with someone who knows!
And after work, I walked home to her and talked a little bit more, before she was going to work again.
So she drove me home. THANKS!

She did know my "biggest" secret though...Or well...She could figure it out.
But hopefully that's no problem. But the time will tell.

Soon I'm of to another lovely day at work...
Take care!

Quality time.

So far, I've actually been doing some laundry, and I've continued sorting out all my old stuff.
So now I feel like I need a little break from that.
A little quality time with Berit infront of the tv, and one of my favorit movies, Transformers.
He is good looking, love tha cars, the humor, the action and who do not just LOVE Bumblebee?!

Peace out for a while.

I'm back.

Yes. I'm back in Sweden, and I'm back at
I will give this another try, and write a little more often then I did when i was just home for 4 months.
I'm thinking of trying to do the most part in english now instead, because I've met so many lovely people when I've been traveling. So maybe they can understand something here also.
We will see if I will keep it up though...

I'm back in this boring country, and I can't wait until I'm out in the world again!
Today I'm home from work, because I'm sick. But the other days, I'm just going to work at Willys, to get my vacationdays for next year, and save up money!

Right now, when I'm home, I'm trying to fix a lot of stuff in my apartment. So I won't get crazy...
But I still have a lot of things to do, so it's okey. All the small things that takes a lot of time. I'm trying to sort all my shit out. And THAT takes time. But it has it's moments. I'm finding a lot of fun stuff also when I'm doing it. A lot of memories.
I'm the person that tries to save a lot of stuff that reminds me of good times. And sometimes it's fun to just look at it. The old days...God I'm getting old...Haha.

This is me, when I was in 9th grade. So I was like 14/15 years old.

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